Reading Recovery in Ohio

2009-2014 State Report

Reading Recovery in Ohio State Report 2009-2014

Reading Recovery is a professional development partnership between school districts and universities to prepare teachers to work effectively with first-grade students having the most difficulty learning to read and write. These lowest-achieving children are taught daily, on a one-to-one basis by a specially trained Reading Recovery teacher. Evaluation data collected in Ohio for 30 years demonstrate that most students served by Reading Recovery make accelerated progress and catch up to their peers within a 12-20 week framework of lessons. Those who do not make accelerated progress are recommended for more specialized long-term help. In this way, Reading Recovery operates as a prescreening tool in schools, identifying students who respond well to early intervention and can catch up to their peers from those who need more long- term support.

Without a literacy intervention like Reading Recovery, longitudinal research has shown that children having the greatest difficulty learning to read are likely to continue having difficulty in Grade 4 (Juel, 1988). It is important to intervene early and provide highly specialized, one-to-one instruction to prevent reading difficulties in later grades.

State Report for RR in Ohio 2009-2014