Response to Intervention

Contribution of Reading Recovery Professional Development to a Comprehensive System of Learning Supports

Reading Recovery is used as part of a systemic intervention model for academics. Classroom teachers who are trained in Reading Recovery provide high quality instruction and daily progress monitoring of children in Tier I within a Response to Intervention (RTI) model. Within that model, children who do not make progress with classroom instruction (Tier I) are provided Reading Recovery as an intensive intervention (Tier II) before any referral to special education (Tier III). Literacy Lessons professional development can enhance instructions at this top tier.

Category Description Tier
Special Education For students who did not respond to the intervention Tier III
Reading Recovery For students who did not respond to classroom instruction Tier II
Classroom Instruction For all students Tier I

Because Reading Recovery teachers typically work as Title I teachers or classroom teachers during the other half of their teaching assignments, Reading Recovery professional development benefits Tier I (Classroom) instruction and more intensive one-to-one instruction (Reading Recovery) which follows in Tier II.