Reading Recovery® is a research-based, short-term intervention of one-to-one teaching for the lowest-achieving first graders.

Reading Recovery students receive 30-minute lessons each school day for 12 to 20 weeks from a specially trained teacher.

As soon as students can read and write at grade level and can demonstrate that they can continue to achieve, their lessons are discontinued and new students receive individual instruction.

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Early Intervention

A key premise of Reading Recovery is that early intervention in first grade is critical. Research shows that children who fall behind in Grade 1 tend to remain below grade level in later years.

Careful Observation

Reading Recovery teachers base their instruction on carefully documented daily observations of what each child already knows about reading and writing.

Response to Intervention

Classroom teachers who are trained in Reading Recovery provide high quality instruction and daily progress monitoring of children in Tier I within a Response to Intervention (RtI) model.

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Reading Recovery is a three-tiered system of support.


Becoming a Reading Recovery Teacher

Candidates for becoming a Reading Recovery teacher must be sponsored by a school district and hold a state-issued teaching license. Learn more about the requirements and process for becoming a Reading Recovery teacher.


Becoming a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader

Candidates for becoming a Reading Recovery teacher leader must be sponsored by a district or consortium of districts that is interested in establishing a licensed teacher training site affiliated with The Ohio State University Reading Recovery project. Learn more about the requirements and process for becoming a Reading Recovery teacher leader.


Becoming a Trainer

Candidates for becoming a university trainer must be hired by a University Training Center and hold a terminal degree with extensive literacy expertise. Contact one of the OSU Reading Recovery University Trainers to learn more.

We Are Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery Works! Reading Recovery received the highest marks from the What Works Clearing House, a division of the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences. Of the 153 beginning reading programs reviewed, only Reading Recovery was found to have positive effects across all four literacy domains and only Reading Recovery received the highest possible rating for general reading achievement.

Behind the Glass

CPRE Four-Year Evaluation: In one of the largest and most rigorous evaluations ever implemented in the field of education, the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE) found strong gains in student reading achievement.

"Reading Recovery has one clear goal: To dramatically reduce the number of learners who have extreme difficulty with literacy learning and the cost of these learners to educational systems."

Marie M. Clay

Connect With Reading Recovery

Our OSU Reading Recovery team loves to hear from people interested in the program. You can also contact teacher leaders at OSU-affiliated Reading Recovery sites around the United States.

Lisa D Pinkerton

Lisa D Pinkerton

Marie Clay Chair

Jamie Lipp

Interim Lead

James R Schnug

James R Schnug

University Trainer

Reading Recovery Works! pamphlet highlights some of the key benefits of Reading Recovery implementation


"Exceeds ESSA's strong evidence standard with demonstrated scale-up success."

Produces Results

"Produces measurable results in weeks, not years. Accelerates the lowest readers with proven results."


"Supplements good classroom teaching as part of a comprehensive literacy plan."

Added Benefits

"Benefits the whole school with specially trained literacy experts."

Informs Instruction

"Informs instruction and provides documentation of positive outcomes."

Reduces or Closes Gaps

"Reduces of closes achievement gaps across varying racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups."


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